The Heat Affected Zone: how to beat the heat

Some of our customers will ask us about the impact of the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) on their components, and for good reason.  The HAZ can weaken the component and potentially lead to failure.  But rather than crossing laser cladding off your list of preferred processes, there are ways to[...]

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A look at our latest feasibility study

Feasibility studies are an important part of our work at American Cladding Technologies. We recently conducted a project involving side plates for a rock crushing machine for a quarry, which you can see in the video and photos below.

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Dilution: keep it to a minimum

Many of our customers interested in laser metal deposition (LMD) are concerned about the dilution of the coating applied to their part – and with good reason. Just like dilution can ruin a perfectly good martini, resulting in a watered-down, disappointing cocktail, it can also be an issue with[...]

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What is laser cladding, anyway?

Not exactly sure what laser cladding is? It’s OK - we hear that a lot. So we thought we’d kick off our blog with a short video explaining laser cladding – also known as laser metal deposition - and showing how it works.

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