Think laser cladding is expensive? Think again.

We hear this one quite often:  “I’m interested in laser cladding, but it’s too expensive compared to other processes.”  Not true – laser cladding can be very cost competitive.  Let me explain why.

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Laser cladding extends the life of soot blower lances

Six years ago, American Cladding Technologies helped develop a laser applied coating for superheater tubes that not only increased superheater life by a factor of four times, but also helped reduce flue gas debris buildup on the superheater tubes. The result: one customer was able to reduce[...]

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Repairing a coaxial nozzle for laser cladding

After repairs to the coaxial nozzle (above), our testing shows a fully aligned stream of powder exiting the nozzle.

We just wrapped up another successful project: repairing a coaxial nozzle used for laser cladding at a reduced cost and lead time for our customer, who previously had to ship the[...]

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A quick look at laser hardfacing

Here’s a quick look at our latest project on the shop floor:  we’re taking a flat steel plate and applying a laser hardfacing to it.  The hardface coating will protect the sheet from impact and improve its wear performance.  This type of thin sheet metal with a hardface coating can be used in[...]

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We're getting our FAA certification for MRO work

In response to customer requests, we’ve begun the process of obtaining our FAA certification to perform laser metal deposition for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) work for the aerospace industry.   This certification will enable us to perform a number of aircraft repair applications, from[...]

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The Heat Affected Zone: how to beat the heat

Some of our customers will ask us about the impact of the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) on their components, and for good reason.  The HAZ can weaken the component and potentially lead to failure.  But rather than crossing laser cladding off your list of preferred processes, there are ways to[...]

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A look at our latest feasibility study

Feasibility studies are an important part of our work at American Cladding Technologies. We recently conducted a project involving side plates for a rock crushing machine for a quarry, which you can see in the video and photos below.

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