Laser cladding extends the life of soot blower lances

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laser cladding repair of soot blower lances

Six years ago, American Cladding Technologies helped develop a laser applied coating for superheater tubes that not only increased superheater life by a factor of four times, but also helped reduce flue gas debris buildup on the superheater tubes. The result: one customer was able to reduce their cleaning cycles from 14 times a week to three times a week.  We’re now using this technology on soot blower lances.

One of the major benefits of laser cladding is extending equipment life by mitigating erosion or corrosion.  A great example is a project we’re conducting to fabricate and coat soot blower lances for waste-to-energy (WTE) boilers. The greatest advantage is being realized by non-retractable soot blower lances. Our customers are finding these coated soot blower lances are lasting six times longer than the uncoated lances.

Soot blowers use high pressure steam to remove debris and waste deposits from the WTE superheater pendants in the high pressure steam boiler.  The steam breaks up the deposits so they fall to the bottom of the boiler, where grates and shakers remove them.  Needless to say, soot blower lances are exposed to a harsh environment inside the boilers.

By laser cladding the soot blower lances with the developed coating, we were able to extend the life of the lances from one month to six months. This is a significant benefit to our customers, not only in replacement costs for the lances, but also in significantly reduced maintenance time.   

To become a one stop shop, we have begun both fabricating and laser coating soot blower lances. Talk to one of our experts to see if our fabricating and coating services might be a good solution for you, or leave a question in the space below.


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