Mary DiLeo

Mary is a marketing copywriter and editor at Joining Technologies who creates content for our websites, blogs and a multitude of other projects in the marketing department. In her free time she enjoys pedaling her bike and paddling her kayak.

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How an Applications Lab Day benefits your laser metal deposition project

When it comes to feasibility studies, there’s no substitute for a face-to-face discussion about your project. That’s why we offer an Applications Lab Day to provide customers with a very hands-on approach to feasibility development.During an Applications Lab Day, our customers join us on-site[...]

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What is laser cladding, anyway?

Not exactly sure what laser cladding is? It’s OK - we hear that a lot. So we thought we’d kick off our blog with a short video explaining laser cladding – also known as laser metal deposition - and showing how it works.

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Join us for our grand opening on May 17!


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